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    Agent Reminder is a small Utility that may help you to manage your Tasks and Appointments at the right Time while you are working with your PC.

    OK, What's up?

      May you think. There are many small Tools and also big Applications around to do this. And most of them could be better in case of Technical Aspects.

    So why to use Reminder?
    1. You get not only alerted with a simple Message Box or with an inharmonious PC-Beep Sound or both.
    2. You get alerted at Time in a incredible refreshing and personality, visual and audible way.
    3. It's like somebody comes to visit you and remembers at the Task or Appointment, like a Friend would do it.

    Reminder works in conjunction with the Microsoft Agent Engine and they Characters to play and speak and with the Windows 98 Build-In Microsoft Task Scheduler to take care the Time to alert. (Microsoft Agent acts now also as Help Engine in the Office 2000 Applications and the Scheduler got installed with Windows 98, Windows NT 2000 and optionally with IE4/IE5 for Windows 95.)
    This 3 Application together makes your PC playing and speaking with funny Character's and Schedule itís Time to Alert on the right Time. And one of the good benefits is, that Reminder also works together with Microsoft Outlook. When you create a new task to remind, you can let it add automatically to Outlooks Task or Appointment Folder and be also up to Date there.

    Who should use it?

      I think it's a must for Persons witch work daily on PC like Programmers and so on, like me. I had always a pity with my appointments at time i was working hard on, or forgot something to do or somebody to phone while the time grows so fast. And may also be a good reason for People working in Office, and almost for People they like Fun.

    If you would like to now more about the Microsoft Tools, go to Microsoft on the Web: Microsoft Agent Home Page

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The Wizard Interface


    It's so easy.

      With Reminder you sample the "Message" with Text you want be alerted and set the Time. And when the Scheduler starts the Remind (a predefined Message Script), you have the possibility to shift it at later Time.

    Here are some Screen shoots.

    Creating a new Task for Remind, Select Character.

    Add Sense to the Script (Speaking, Gesture, Moving...)

    Use Preferences.

    Modify existing Task ..

    ..for your new Use.


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An Interaction with the Reminder can Start on 3 different Ways:

  1. As Default from the System Tray, where the Reminder as an Icon can appear, start with Parameter "-systray".
  2. In Mode "Create New Task" from the Start Menu or any Shortcut to the Reminder, without any Parameter.
  3. When the Scheduled Time is arrived and gets run from Windows task Scheduler.


To create a new Reminding, you do not need to do much Steps. 
                                            It is easy and intuitive to work with:

  1. Open the Application from the System Tray (by default) or from a Shortcut
  2. Type a sense fully Heading and select a Character, optional a Description if desired. Immediately appears the Character on the Screen and you can see how it looks or sounds what you entering by the next Step.
  3. Adding a Script for the selected Character to play as Remind (The Parameter List). By this Step, define if he has to play, speak or to move and select the Action from a list , type what he should speak or where he has to move.
    In case of periodically reminds, it is possible to add alternative Text to speak or position to move. When the Remind starts to playing this List, the values (Default or Alternative) got selected by Random and you see not always the same Show at all.
  4. Click the Button to Save and Schedule. The Script goes saved in Database and Microsoft Task Scheduler opens to complete the new Remind with your Time(s) to take care for the alert.

    Example of a Script:
    Values for the Action
    Description what it causes.
    Move To100,200Actor Moves to the Left-Top Corner without seeing
    Show--Shows the Character. Every Character has his own Style to appear.
    PlayAlertPlaying how his Creator implements. Merlin, as Example, would knock on the Screen.
    SpeakHey! It is Time that you call Joe.Speaks your Text, Words are also showing in a Balloon.
    SpeakThe Phone Number is: 1939-345.45.67The Character can also speak Numbers.
    Move To-200,-200He moves out of the Screen.
  • Hint: Use the Sign "|" to force alternative Items: 
        This takes effect by "Text to speak" and "Move to" Properties.
        As Example:     Text:        "Hello | Bye"
                                Move:      "100,500 | 300,400"
        This changes randomly the Values when executing the Script.  


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    This is Shareware

      The Engine and Scheduler are for free from Microsoft, maybe the cost for the Download. 
      For the free use from Reminder, you have to send me a E Mail with your suggestion and so on, than you get the Code to register.
      The E-Mail is: donald@micro-source.ch

      With Limitations while unregistered

      The Reminder Software is cribbed in the way, that after 14 Days a Splash appears while starting the App to create or modify, but not when the Remind is executed by the Scheduler. After 1 Month it's splashing also after executing by Scheduler. The last is a Splash while starting the Remind .

      The Future and Money

      If enough People like this Tool and Register can i work at more easiness and features. My Ideas for a next release are: ...

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